Our story

We take a radically different approach to the care of serious wounds by the application of a wet tissue sealant. Our sealant quarantines the wound, seals out infections, protects nerve endings, and maintains a healthy moisture level.

We have completed product development and are now embarking on regulatory approvals and commercialization of the first liquid bandage for serious wounds.


We had developed a formulation for a liquid hemostat and a way of reducing deaths from hemorrhage. But we learned that by sealing in the flow of blood we would also be sealing out the main source of pain and infection – exposure to the atmosphere and that wounds could heal rapidly under the protection of the coating.

2018 confirmation

We confirmed with animal testing that our sealant would work on all wound types and that the rate of their recovery is superior to current standards of care.

2019 direction

We have since come to understand better the vast landscape of opportunity that is the wound care market and that focus on a niche is crucial. When we realized chronic wounds are currently the most important source of human suffering and economic burden in western wound care we decided this would be our direction.

future focus

Our focus has become clear. Our sealant will replace the films, gels and materials used to dress chronic wounds.

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