Hemotech has developed the first liquid dressing for serious wounds. We believe our product will inspire rapid adoption by radically simplifying the work of nurses and by reducing the pain and discomfort of patients.

Simple, no compromise dressing method.

Our product will offer the simplicity of a conventional liquid bandage but the power of advanced technology.

The main goals of dressing a wound are to minimize pain, prevent infection, and promote healing. Serious wounds are dressed by skilled nurses who carefully choose from a wide array of materials. But no conventional material satisfies all these goals with immediate effect and, in addition, all current dressings require painful and traumatic re-dressing of the wound at frequent intervals.

In contrast, our dressing simply sprays onto the wound and immediately forms a protective sealing film which satisfies all treatment goals and does not require frequent re-applications.

Powerful technology with a fresh purpose.

The Hemotech Wet Tissue Sealant technology belongs to an established class of medical adhesives but optimized for application to wound beds. The technology safely kills infections, seals out contamination, reduces pain, stops bleeding and supports healing. It is bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

Our technology is the first of this class for open wounds and for spray application.


We have ample evidence of the capability of our technology and are preparing our 510K submission. We anticipate that we will be ready to begin commercialization in early 2021.


Brian Wadsworth, Founder/CEO
Seasoned startup executive and builder of new businesses

Dr. Peter Friedman, PhD, Founder/CSO
Expert in polymer chemistry

Ramin Eghbali, CBO
20+ years of expertise in pharmaceutical and biotech

Harm Jaap Smit, Advisor
Wound biologist and wound care expert

Dr. Theodore Chan, Advisor
Professor and Chair of the Dept of Emergency Medicine, UCSD Health

Dr. Gary Vilke, Advisor
Vice Chair of Clinical Operations & Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCSD Health

Bob Duffy, Product Development Advisor
President, Bob Duffy Associates

Clint O’Conner, Product Development Advisor
O’Conner Product Management

Simon Westbrook, CFO
Expert in IPOs, offerings, M&A


Hemotech Woundcare LLC

San Diego, CA 92037

Brian Wadsworth

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