Our Technology and Vision – a recent presentation session



Wound dressings, medical adhesives and sealants, hemostatic agents.


There is general dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of current wound treatments. Medical professionals and consumers alike are usually forced carefully select from a mix of products to treat a significant wound.

The world’s authorities on wound care describe protocols demanding:

  • Control of bleeding
  • Prevention of infection
  • Control of pain
  • Promotion of healing

Currently, no single product category meets all these demands.

Hemotech’s technology however a) can satisfy all these protocol requirements in a single product regardless of wound type or severity, b) is so simple and cost effective that it may be used by professionals and laypersons alike, and c) may be deployed without a healthcare infrastructure.


We shift the wound treatment paradigm with a novel Wet Tissue Sealant (WTS). Upon contact with blood, our proprietary liquid cures in seconds into a flexible film and seals the wound, immediately stopping the bleeding and providing protection. It then sloughs off easily as the wound dries and heals.


Our products promise to re-energize the $20Bn+ wound care market by redefining the nature of a wound dressing and setting the scene for a wave of new treatments.. A wound care franchise with our technology can develop a portfolio of clearly superior products stretching across many categories.


Preparing a robust pipeline of advanced wound treatments powered by the Hemotech Wet Tissue Sealant technology platform. Seeking a strategic commercialization partner.


Brian Wadsworth, Founder/CEO
Seasoned startup executive and builder of new businesses

Ramin Eghbali, CBO
20+ years of expertise in pharmaceutical and biotech

Peter Friedman, PhD, Founder/CSO
Expert in polymer chemistry

Dr. Gary Vilke, Founder/CMO
Vice Chair of Clinical Operations & Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCSD Health

Dr. Theodore Chan, Founder
Professor and Chair of the Dept of Emergency Medicine, UCSD Health

Simon Westbrook, CFO
Expert in IPOs, offerings, M&A


Hemotech Woundcare LLC

San Diego, CA 92121

Brian Wadsworth